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10 Signals Your kidneys are Not Functioning Correctly

Kidneys are an important part of your body. The function of the kidney is to clean the blood from toxins and contaminants. These toxins are removed from your body when you urinate. Therefore, kidney health care is very important. When the kidney is not able to clean contaminants from the blood, the kidney starts to fail. There are many environmental factors that play a role in kidney failure as well as certain potent medicines. In this article, we will tell you about what are the causes and the symptoms of failing kidney so you can remedy the situation.

Symptoms of kidney failure:

We have put together 10 warning signs for you so you can detect kidney disease symptoms from an early stage. Let’s get started:

  1.Lack of sleep:

As discussed above, the main function of the kidney is to extract pollutants and toxins out from your body. If the kidney is unable to perform its function it can result in trouble sleeping. Therefore, if you feel like you are not getting enough sleep then it might be due to kidney failure. You can suffer from the disorder of Sleep apnea which is chronic kidney disease. You can experience short breaths or pauses in your breathing. If that’s the case immediately get yourself checked.

2.Frequent headaches and weakness

The healthy and functioning kidney produces a hormone called Erythropoietin (EPO) from vitamin D. This hormone keeps our bones strong and helps in the formation of red blood cells. An unhealthy and declining kidney will produce less EPO. This will also hinder the production of red blood cells. which can further cause headaches and fatigue in your body.

People whose kidney is functioning around 50% can suffer from chronic kidney disease Anemia. People get enough sleep but still wake up feeling tired. This will greatly affect your daily routine so visit the doctor immediately

3 Skin is drier than usual 

Kidney functions to remove waste from your body and purify your blood. They also produce red blood cells and necessary minerals for your body. If you feel that your skin is drier than usual and or you are feeling more itching on your skin, it is due to the improper balance of hormones and minerals. Therefore, drier skin is synonymous is kidney failure.

Keep yourself hydrated. Excessive water intake can reduce itching on your skin and help you maintain a healthy kidney.

4.Foul taste in the mouth and frequent bad breaths

Severe hydration can leave a foul taste in your mouth. The toxins in the blood can also change the taste of the food leaving a metallic taste in your mouth. Toxins in the blood can also cause bad breathing no matter how many times you brush your teeth or use mouth washer. Incorporating healthy meals can reduce your metallic taste and bad breath. If this persists, you should contact your doctor.

5.Shortness in breath

If you do a small physical activity and that leaves you tiresome and short on breaths it is a clear indication that your kidney is failing. This can be due to extra fluids that move up in your lungs prevents you from normal breathing. The chronic kidney disease Anemia doesn’t allow you oxygen to breathe and that can also cause trouble breathing.

Heart diseases, asthma and other conditions are also responsible for shortness in a breath so you should get yourself checked and start getting treatment.

6.Ankles and feet are swollen

We have mentioned before that extra fluid can move up to your lungs. This happens due to kidney failure. It can lead to sodium retention which swells your ankles and feet. If your lower abdomen is also swelled, it can be due to liver or heart disease.

Proper treatment, reducing salt and water intake can reduce the swelling. If the swelling continues, get in touch with your doctor.

7.Constant back pains

If you are a pain in your bac or below your rib cage, this is a sign of deteriorating kidney. You can feel back pain in the front or the back pain. When you have back pains, you can also feel sickness, vomiting, illness and frequent urination. If the pain doesn’t go away when you take pain killers, make sure to see your doctor.

8.Persistent puffiness around your eyes

The early signs of kidney damage are puffiness around your eyes. It is due to a large amount of protein is flushed out through urine rather than staying in. protein should be distributed inside the body, failing to do so can cause puffiness around your eyes.

Take proper rest and give time to your body. If the tiredness and puffiness continue, contact your doctor.

9.High blood pressure

High blood pressure is the second most prominent sign of kidney failure. Kidneys filter out toxins and waste from your body. This happens with the help of small nephrons. If the nephrons don’t filter the blood, it means they are not receiving enough oxygen and nutrients which can cause high blood pressure.

Foods rich in folic acid can maintain high blood pressure so incorporate those in your diets.

10.Change in urination

Healthy kidneys typically keep the blood cells in the body when filtering wastes from the blood to create urine, but when the kidney’s filters have been damaged, these blood cells can start to “leak” out into the urine. In addition to signalling kidney disease, blood in the urine can be indicative of tumours, kidney stones or an infection.


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