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Of course, you need to be loved – we all do! But you also need to face signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

Here’s how to know if your partner’s feelings have changed, and what to do in response. The sooner you recognize and accept that he doesn’t love you, the sooner you can break free and fall in love with someone who can give you the love you need, want, and deserve. The first step is to see and accept the signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

He Doesn’t Talk as Much I’m sure you and your partner are used to talking for hours on end, even about the most random conversations. You’d spend all day texting each other (even though you might be at work or school!) and chatting on the phone until the wee hours of the morning. But suddenly that’s stopped.

Suddenly he barely ever responds to your texts or sends a one-word answer. He never calls, and he seems incredibly distant when the two of you talk face to face. Sure, there might be some troubling times going on in his life, but that’s no excuse to completely cut the communication- especially if he’s not giving you an incredibly good reason for his behavior. He’s Not Interested in You BollywoodShaadis Remember when he used to compliment your gorgeous hairstyle or a new dress? Remember when he would ask you out to see a movie he knew you’d adore or take you to that restaurant you can’t get enough of? It seems like lately, you could change your hair from blonde to purple and blue and he wouldn’t take a second look. In fact, he’s acting completely disinterested in everything about you. He doesn’t even ask about your day or how you’re feeling!

He’s Busy All the Time BollywoodShaadis A man will ALWAYS make time for his lady. I don’t care if he’s working 80 hours a week, going to college full time, and working on his car in his spare time. He WILL make time for you, even if it’s just a few hours here and there. But oh, wait, he suddenly can’t find a few minutes to come see his girlfriend? Definitely something wrong with this picture.

Remember girls, if there is a WILL there is a WAY. And if you’re man is constantly giving you excuses as to why he can’t hang out or is too busy to even respond to your messages, it may be a sign he’s fallen out of love with you. (Why would you want to stay with someone who has no time for you anyways, right?)  He Stops Doing the ‘Little Things’ Bustle Whether you have been dating a month, a year, or 38 years, the little things are important in a relationship. They are the things that make your partner feel extra special and show them how much you care about them. Now, I understand not all guys will do the little things (ever), but if your man has been notorious for showing you he cares via ‘little things’ and suddenly stops doing it, he’s either falling out of love with you or needs a friendly reminder you miss it. If the little things have slowed down considerably, bring it up to him and gauge his reaction. If he’s incredibly sorry and wanting to start back up right away, then he probably just got lazy.

If he’s defensive and doesn’t want to continue, he may have fallen out of love. Your Partner Suddenly Starts Demanding Space in the Relationship Your partner really shouldn’t be asking for more space in your relationship if there have not been any changes in the way either of you behave. His demands to be left alone could be because he doesn’t enjoy being with you the same way that he did before. Calmly ask your guy why he wants more space. If he says something specific, deal with it and get it over with. But if he says something vague and has no clear reasons why he suddenly wants you to take a step back, his love for you may be fizzling out.

10 Signs Indicating that Your Partner no Longer Loves You, Never Let the # 9 He Starts Comparing You to Other Women A man should never say something to a woman that makes her feel less beautiful, less talented, or less of a woman than someone else. The slightest hints of comparisons made between you and any other girl should be a warning sign. Comparing your behavior, looks or any other aspect of personality with another woman suggests a deep-rooted resentment driving a sense of frustration. Here are some examples of how a guy’s cruel words may mean that he is falling out of love with his girl: Why can’t you dress like her? She carries such a lot of confidence when she speaks, why can’t you do the same? Maybe you should learn a thing or two about style from her. You are such a jealous girlfriend, why can’t you be like my best friend’s girl? She is always relaxed and calm.

If your guy does this once, let him know that you will not tolerate being compared to another girl. Ask him how he would feel if you compared him to another guy. And if he still continues to do so, it may be a sign that he doesn’t love you the same way he used to. He Gets Irritated When You Start a Mushy Conversation Mushy conversations and cute names are a playful part of a couple’s love life. These thing


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