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9 Things That Will Happen When You Sleep With An Onion In Your Sock

We love household remedies as much as you do. That’s why we are back with another helpful article for your health. Do you know that onion does not always make you cry? Sleeping with onion in your sock can do wonders for your life. Yes, you read that right. We know that it is not easy to do such gross things. But why have second thoughts when it is a proven method? Read the full article to understand how.

Here are the nine things that happen when you sleep with an onion in your sock.

1. Onion Helps in Purifying Blood:

Onion is a rich source of phosphoric acid. It enters the bloodstream and purifies the blood from all kinds of toxins. Pureblood is the best carrier of oxygen and eliminates a lot of diseases related to skin. Therefore, this onion power is on the top of our list of 9 things that happen when you sleep with an onion in your sock.

2. Bacteria and Germs Killer:

Onion is known for its anti-bacterial properties. It is used in homes to remove the pungent smell that sometimes comes from the refrigerator. If you suffer from smelly feet, putting onion in your socks can get rid of that foul smell.

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