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Different Kisses And Their Hidden Meanings

Do you remember your first kiss? Was it cute, was it disgusting, do you actually have any memory of it?

All kisses are different, some are worth to remember and some… well not that much. We get and give different kisses and we’ve made a list of 30 types of kisses and their meaning.
Here we begin:

1. Long deep kisses

This kiss is showing pure love. How to give it? Use your lips without your tongue and kiss your partner for a long time.

2. French kissing

This is the most common kiss of all of them. You also use your tongue and lips and we need time to master this one.

3. The hand kisses

Man kisses women’s hand to show them respect. This kiss gives away that he treats you with care and respect.

4. Kissing the forehead

It’s a friendly and tender kiss, sometimes very bounding.

5. Perk kisses

These kisses last a couple of seconds that may turn the friendship into something more.

6. Single lip kisses

This kiss shows.deep conection with the partner. It’s like a reminder kiss to show how much you love or you’ve been loved.

7. Morning kisses

If your partner kiss you with your morning breath, it’s obviously that he loves you more than your stinky breath. Just kidding, this kiss is the best one for waking up.

8. Talking kisses

This kiss is the conversation kiss, it’s when you speak but your partner kisses you and lets you continue, and vice versa.

9. Drinking kisses

It’s when you drink something sweet or tasty and you kiss your partner to give them a bit of taste.

10. Kissing shoulders

It’s a sign of love, affection and protectiveness.

11. Australian kisses

It’s similar like French kisses but down under. It means your mad adores you.

12. Tummy kisses

It’s a gentle way to show that you’re flirting with him.

13. Cheek kissing

Friendly, lovely, simple cheek kisses. This is a good friendship.

14. Kissing his back

When you remove his shirt and you start kissing his back you show love and lust.

15. Angel kisses

It’s when you kiss the eyelids of your partner. It shows care and support.

16. The Eskimo Kiss

It’s when you touch your tips of noses and you rub them together.

17. Ear kissing

It’s a good way to arouse your partner and it shows sexual tension.

18. Butterfly kisses

It’s a funny kissing technique when you grab your partner very close and your eyelashes meet.

19. Lip gloss kisses

It’s when you apply lip gloss and you kiss your partner to transfer lip gloss onto his lips. It’s sometimes a sign of passion, although men don’t want gloss on their lips, at least most of them.

20. The fruity kiss

It’s when you take slice of mango or strawberries or cherries and you transfer them via kiss to your partner’s lips.

21. Puzzle kisses

This is when you kiss different parts of your partner’s body like, lips, then shoulders, then arms, fingers… It keeps your connection steady and leads to arousal.

22. Biting kisses

A strong indicator of lust and passion.

23. Mistletoe kiss

It’s a good Christmas tradition and can be useful for shy people.

24. Chocolate kiss

You have a taste of chocolate and then you decide your partner may want some… Of your lips.

25. Hot and cold kisses

This is kissing your partner passionately than pause for a bit.

26. Vampire kisses

If your partner enjoys when you kiss his/her neck, try biting too. It will drive them crazy.

27. Kisses in the bath

Take a bath together and start kissing. This is very soothing and relaxing.

28. Lip sucking kisses

Suck her/his lips and they’ll love it!

29. Breathing kiss

This kiss shows a lot of sexual tension. If you know what I mean.

30. Jawline kisses

When you’ve kissed every spot of your partner than you can think of you’ll end with jawline kisses. It’s a great way to show that you love your partner more than anything else.

Source: Mindwaft

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