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Remove Gout and Joint Pain (Uric Acid and Crystals)

What is Gout?

Gout is an inflammatory form of arthritis that manifests with swollen and quite painful joints. The condition occurs due to elevated uric acid levels in the body. The pain can reach maximum intensity in about 10-12 hours and can be very severe in some cases. The pain usually strikes the joint of the base of the big toe accompanied by redness.

Uric acid is a chemical compound which forms salts and crystals when it accumulates in our blood. A high concentration of these crystals in the blood can then result in severe pain in the joints, resulting in gout. Usually, the most common trigger for high blood concentration of uric acid is an unhealthy diet rich in fats and carbs. However, stress, drinking (especially beer), insulin resistance, kidney stones, and high blood pressure can all cause gout.


The symptoms of gout are usually subdued by steroids or anti-inflammatory drugs. When the acute attacks are stopped, dietary and lifestyle changes are suggested as long-term prevention. Patients suffering from gout need to consume a lot of vitamin C and low-fat products in order to prevent further attacks. However, there are also many natural remedies that work against gout. People have been treating the attacks with natural remedies for a long time, and some work better than medications.

In general, gout patients need to reduce their consumption of red meat, dairy products, and high-fat foods. They need to focus on fish such as sardines and salmon and introduces vegetables such as beans in their diet. Lowering your beer and alcohol intake is also suggested.

Tips on Preventing and Treating Gout

First and foremost, you need to drink a lot of water if you’re suffering from gout. Water will flush out the excess uric acid from your blood and help prevent the condition. A small shot glass of ACV diluted with water will also work wonders for gout prevention. It will also alkalize your body and help fight a number of other conditions.

Make sure to include apples into your diet as well. The fruit is rich in malic acid which can successfully subdue uric acid. Lemon juice works just as well thanks to its alkalizing properties. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is also suggested, as is adding ginger and turmeric into your diet.

To normalize your uric acid levels, you should exercise regularly. This will also reduce the attacks and flare-ups. Whenever an attack strikes, you can use cold therapy to subdue it. Epsom salt baths have also been reported as a great remedy.

Avoid consuming beer and cheese and add pineapples, cherries, and prunes in your diet. They all have anti-inflammatory properties and will prevent further attacks. To soothe the symptoms of gout, some people use activated charcoal. It will absorb the excess uric acid in your blood and prevent the formation of crystals.

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