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These 12 Muscle-Building Foods Make Men More Attractive

The right diet can work supernatural not just for our figure and how we feel but also for our hormonal balance. Consuming certain food products can raise testosterone levels, in turn making men more attractive to the opposite love.

Life Full Joy has assembled a rundown of products that men definitely need to include in their eating routine if they want to conquer a lady’s heart — and simply feel great about themselves.


Dietologists are still not in agreement about whether meat is harmful or good for you, as well as about the way in which it should be prepared. But one thing is clear: eating meat expands levels of testosterone. This especially applies if you eat meat with the minimal measure of fat and do so just on a semi-regular basis (that is, not each day). You ought to substitute it once in a while for other products, particularly ones that contain a lot of protein.


Lobster, crab, shrimp — these can be added to pasta, rice, salads, or prepared as meals on their own. These products contain chemicals that raise testosterone levels. However, these chemicals are highly concentrated, so it’s prudent not to overdo it and to consume them just irregularly.


Eggs are rich in vitamin D, which supports sustain a normal level of testosterone in the blood. One egg a day is the ideal optimum quantity to include in your eating routine. It’s not recommended that you eat more than this in the event you have problems with cholesterol, as there is a great deal of this contained in the egg yolk.


Watermelon enhances blood flow, positively affects on the heart, and controls the level of cholesterol. It can be added to salads, made into a sorbet, eaten as a snack with feta cheese, or simply on its own. The main problem is that it’s only good to eat at one time of the year.


Cauliflower can diminish levels of estrogen (the female hormone) in your body while expanding levels of testosterone (the male hormone) at the same time. It can be boiled and also fried, but whichever way you prefer, make sure to include at least a small amount of it to your daily diet.


Honey is an incredible product for strengthening your resistance. Add one spoonful to your daily diet. You can have it with tea, fruit salads, or pancakes — the possibilities are huge.


Garlic contains a compound that helps reduce stress and which also indirectly helps builds up the muscles. Garlic can be added to almost any dish to “liven” it up in the same way you would include a spice.


The components contained in grapes can help slow down the aging procedure and increase the movement of sperm. To help raise testosterone levels using this product, it’s sufficient to eat only a modest bunch of grapes a day.


A wide range of beans are rich in vitamin D and protein. They can be eaten as part of soup, in salads, fried, and as an independent dish. They keep up testosterone levels as well as really help the heart stay healthy.


Oysters are worth mentioning separately from seafood here since they contain a lot of minerals and various other vital components that bolster men’s health. Before eating them, it’s suggested that you include lemon juice and a somewhat salt — this will safeguard the healthy components within them.


Milk is full of vitamins that help muscles to develop. It likewise contains calcium, which reinforces the bones, and vitamin D, which builds testosterone levels. It’s ideal to drink milk with a low measure of fat and which contains the greatest amount of vitamin D (take a look at the percentage written on the carton/bottle).


Tuna is also rich in vitamin D. In the meantime it contains couple of calories and is awesome for the heart. It can be cooked or simply eaten straight out of the can. However, it’s not recommended that you eat it all the time.

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