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What Smoking Can Do To Your Body If You Smoke Every Day

In this text a nurse explains what can smoking do to your lungs if you smoke every day. Nowadays, a lot of people are aware that smoking can be harmful for your health. However, thirty-eight Americans still smoke as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention informs. Due to smoking a lot of health issues can arise in the lungs.

The National Health Service claims that smoking every day can be followed by respiratory and lung problems:

  • Smoking weakens the immunity and it makes it more susceptible to colds and to coughs. It can also lead to more dangerous and lethal diseases such as lung cancer, pneumonia, emphysema. Actually, smoking is causing 84 percents of deaths from cancer of the lungs and 83 percents from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • Smoking can narrow your airways and it can destroy the lung tissue. Thus, it is harder for you to breathe. People that suffer from COPD will have short of breath when they are active and a terrible cough that is persistent and it is accompanied by phlegm and some chest infection.
  • Smokers can also get throat and/or mouth cancer. 93 percents of the throat cancer is caused by smoking. 
  • If you smoke every day you can cause a permanent damage to the lungs.
  • Smokers tend to get more infections and more colds that the people who do not smoke
  • If you are lucky and you get lung cancer or other complications, you still have an increased mortality risk compared to the people who do not smoke. 

Be careful with the cigarettes, try to lead a healthy life and do not smoke.

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