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What Your Sitting Position Reveals About Your Personality

Although you may not realize it, the way you’re sitting right now says everything about your mood and personality. Some sitting positions may give off an aggressive vibe, while others show people that you’re feeling insecure or shy.
Do you think you know what your sitting position says about you?

#1 – Knees together and feet apart

The test says if you sit in this position you are a creative and charming person, though, deep down, a little childish.
You have an amazing ability to easily switch between activities, but you find it difficult to concentrate on one particular task for long periods of time. You tend to underestimate problems, believing they can resolve themselves.

#2 – Sitting with the knees far apart

These people seem like perfectionists at instances and like to have only the best of the best around them.
They devote a lot of time in choosing their clothing and accessories or decorating their homes. Their pickiness comes from the immense love for comfort and luxury. Because of that, they are often perceived as self-centered and arrogant.
However, on the other hand, they often live in a complete mess that they usually make themselves, and interestingly enough, can function perfectly in that disorganization.

#3 – Sit erect

For these people, rules in life are the best. They like to be in the right place at the right time. These individuals are very intelligent, but they have a specific way to express their emotions. They don’t like to do it in public. They are not of many words, so sometimes it appears rude.

#4 – Crossed legs

People that sit with their legs crossed are energetic and proactive individuals that not only have marvelous ideas, but they also have the capabilities of seeing these ideas through.
They are always motivated and rarely complain if they need to spend hours working and starting over, just to make things right. Because of their dedication, they are very much appreciated as employees and co-workers.
They know how to use every moment of life by exploring, traveling and making new friends, but even more importantly, they know how to protect themselves from everyone that disturbs their positivity.

#5 – Feet crossed at the ankle

These people show a lot of confidence. They haven’t any limits and always achieve their objectives. For them, it is important to keep up their appearances, so they spend a lot of time to improve it. But at the same time, these people very often have problems with criticism.


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