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Why Do We Kiss When We’re In Love?

Kissing is an amazing experience, so much so, in fact, that most people can remember the details of their first kiss to a high degree of accuracy. Not only is kissing a part of the human lovemaking process and has been so for a long time, but research also suggests that mouth-to-mouth kissing is a common occurrence in more than 90% of cultures across the world.

The science behind kissing is relatively recent, but it’s very solid. The age-old practice now has several studies, research papers and scientific journals backing it up.

The question of why we kiss might be a no-brainer for most, considering the level of intimacy and pleasure associated with it. However, today we’re going to try and explore a few psychological reasons (as well as some benefits!) associated with kissing.

So let’s go ahead and try to understand kissing a little better. Here are 6 things that you probably didn’t know about kissing!

1. People Kiss To Determine Mates

1. People Kiss To Determine Mates

As per studies, people kiss to determine their “mates” for future relationships. Kissing a person actually passes on a lot of information about their hormonal profile, as well as their health. This assists individuals in making decisions about the nature of their relationship with the person that they’re kissing, going forward.

So if you’re going to go in for a kiss, best make sure that you taste and smell good! A good kissing experience can go a long way.

2. Being Good At Kissing Can Make You More Attractive!

2. Being Good At Kissing Can Make You More Attractive!

If research is to be believed, kissing can have a significant impact on how attractive people find each other! Someone who kisses well might be perceived as being more attractive immediately after the kiss by their partner.

The increase in attraction could very well segue into a higher degree of romantic involvement. On the other hand, being bad at kissing could affect all these factors negatively. Kissing is more important than you think!

3. Kissing Aids In The Longevity Of Relationships

An important key to having long, happy relationships is both partners being satisfied with their physical intimacy. But how much does kissing actually help?

According to research, couples that kiss and cuddle frequently have been shown to be a lot happier in their relationships, as opposed to those that didn’t kiss and cuddle often (4). Such individuals were also said to feel more comfortable and compatible with their partners, aiding in the longevity of their relationships.

4. Kissing Lowers Allergic Symptoms!

If you have allergies and experience allergic symptoms, kissing might actually help you out! According to a research paper, partners kissing each other for 30 minutes were shown to have experienced a decrease in allergen-specific IgE production, thus aiding in the alleviation of allergic symptoms.

So, if you’re allergic to something, go ahead and give kissing a try, you just might end up being surprised with the results!

5. Kissing Reduces Stress

5. Kissing Reduces Stress

Kissing does relieve stress, doesn’t it? You tend to feel better and happier after a kiss, putting most of your worries and problem at bay. If Hollywood’s depictions of kissing are anything to go by, kissing, even in the tensest of situations, is often the best idea!

But what does science have to say about this? A study conducted in 2009 demonstrated that kissing lead to “stress-ameliorating physiological effects” and also aided in reducing the occurrence of depression in healthy adults by lowering cortisol levels.

If you’re feeling sad, tensed, stressed or depressed, kiss more often! It will make you feel significantly better, and you’ll be able to deal with your situation a lot more effectively.

6. Kissing Can Help Boost Immunity Against Certain Diseases

6. Kissing Can Help Boost Immunity Against Certain Diseases

Despite it being a highly effective way of exchanging bacteria and passing germs on to each other, some studies have shown the effects of kissing on boosting immunity against certain diseases.

It’s important to assert, however, that kissing as an activity should only be carried out among healthy adults that are at no risk of transmitting diseases on to each other. Kissing is a wholesome and highly romantic experience, and should not be the source of grief for anyone involved.

Take care of your oral hygiene, sharpen your kissing skills and you’ll be surprised at how far just those two things might end up taking you in your relationship! There’s nothing better than a good kiss between two individuals attracted towards each other, so make sure that you make every last one of those smooches count!

With all these benefits associated with kissing, one has to stop and wonder why people don’t do it more often. Perhaps, after reading this article they will. Here’s wishing all our readers the best in their kissing endeavors!


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