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According to science, women need more sleep than men do, since their brains are complex and work harder. Continue reading to get your minds blown!

1 Get ready for bed, ladies.

women sleep more than men It has been found out that women’s brains are more complex than that of men. Hence they require greater amounts of sleep. Take a look at what Professor Jim Horne from Loughborough University in England said regarding this topic

It has been found that poor sleep in women has connections with feelings of danger, anger, hostility as well as psychological distress. However, that effect isn’t that pronounced in sleep-deprived men.

2 8 Hours? Not Necessarily

women need more sleep

You probably know that the average amount of sleep that a person should get in a day is 8 hours, although most people nowadays hardly get that. So is this applicable to women as well? Not really, it has been found that since women’s brains are more complex and their neuron structure is much different than that of men, their amount of sleep should be more than the recommended average of 8 hours.

3 What makes a womans brain more complex?

women need more sleep than men

Science has shown that women use their brains in a more complex ways than men. Also, they are pretty good at multitasking which taxes the brain even more. As a result, they need more recovery time, meaning sleeping for longer hours at a stretch.

4 But What About Tired Men?

woman sleeping

Men whose professions require them to multitask or make complex decisions often too are quite tired and need a good amount of recovery time, but still, they can’t beat women in that regard.

5 So this is the ultimate conclusion.

do women need more sleep than men

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